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Q: What is the Nashua Nighthawks?  


A: The Nashua Nighthawks Basketball Club has been formed to provide and encourage Nashua boys and girls with the opportunity to participate in an organized inter-town competitive basketball league (Merrimack Valley Youth Basketball League for boys and River Valley League for girls) which augments already established intra-town recreational basketball programs.


Q: How do you evaluate players to ensure each player gets a fair try out?


A:  Players will be put through basic basketball drills to evaluate the skills of shooting, passing, dribbling, rebounding and defense. All players are put through the same drills to ensure the try-out process is fair. A: Through the try-out process, players will be evaluated on their basketball skills, knowledge, athleticism and attitude. Coaches and evaluators will weigh all these factors in selecting team members.  However, final team selection is the decision of the Head Basketball coach for the team that player is trying out for.


Q: My child plays on another team (CYO Basketball, Park & Rec Basketball, Baseball, Soccer, Lacrosse etc.) – would they be able to play for the Nighthawks also?


A: Yes they can still play for the Nashua Nighthawks. Practices are held during the season on Monday - Friday. Games are predominantly on the weekends.  We will have pre-season clinics in Oct for those that are rostered.  The order of importance of basketball teams is middle school...nighthawks...biddy/CYO.  Taking a spot on the roster means you understand this and will abide by it.  Playing time penalties may be enforced if another rec team comes first as you took a spot from another player that would have committed fully.  Communication is key.  


How long is the Nashua Nighthawks season?


A: The season runs from November (first practices) until mid-March. We do play at the end of February Vacation.  The girls playoff tournament is Fri-Sat-Sun of that vacation week.  The boys begin playoffs that weekend into Mon/Tue.  



Q: Are there minimum playing time rules with the Nashua Nighthawks program?


A: Playing time is not guaranteed, all players will be a contributing member of their team. Players shall learn and be properly challenged during practices. This practice setting will provide the opportunities for players to be ready for each game.  Players who demonstrate basketball skills during practices and in game time situations have the opportunity to enhance their role with the team.

The amount of court time that a player earns during a game is determined by several factors in addition to their basketball skills - including; sportsmanship, respect toward other players, coaches and officials along with attendance at practices and games.



Q:  What is the cost?


A:  Cost per player is determined at the beginning of every new season for players in grades 4th through 8th.  An additional expense will be incurred by those needing a uniform. The Nashua Nighthawks will cover the cost (up to $300) for each team to participate in one tournament during the season.  If any teams choose to participate in more than one tournament during the season, the team must cover the specific fees for those additional tournaments. We plan fundraisers throughout the year to help and lower costs. We are always looking for ways to reduce the fees.  


Q: When do I have to make payment for playing on the team?


A: Typically we would like the first half of the payment by the 1st practice and the second half December 1st.  Other payment options are available, you would need to speak with our treasurer about those inquiries.  


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